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Why CMU Pre-College Programs?

Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College Programs provide learning and development opportunities for high school students both inside and outside of the classroom. 


Our Pre-College programming, which mirrors the undergraduate experience, gives rising juniors and seniors the opportunity to explore their interests while receiving instruction from acclaimed Carnegie Mellon University faculty and staff.


Students will have the opportunity to participate in a robust student experience thoughtfully developed by the Student Affairs staff and their team of residential advisors who are current Carnegie Mellon students.


We value the holistic student experience, which includes academic and personal development, in order to best prepare students for the future.


Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is known for its interdisciplinary approach to education, strong STEM programs, collaborative culture, and global reach.

12 Engaging Programs

Choose from a group of diverse and enriching programs to meet your interests. Applicants may select up to three programs for application consideration. 

Available Pre-College Programs for Summer 2024:

  • AI Scholars
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Computational Biology
  • CS Scholars
  • Design
  • Drama
  • Music
  • National High School Game Academy
  • Summer Academy for Math and Science (SAMS) 
  • Summer Session 
  • Writing & Culture
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Hands-on learning

For over 100 years, Carnegie Mellon has offered students unique and hands-on educational programs from the fine arts to technology and everything in between. Through Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College Programs, rising juniors and seniors in high school have the opportunity to experience a world-class education on a beautiful, vibrant college campus. Our programs prepare them for their upcoming college experience, help them narrow their career focus, and build critical knowledge and skills.

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Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Architecture

Pre-College Architecture is an intensive program that engages inquisitive high school students in the creative energy and speculative culture of the study of architecture. 

Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Art

Ready to challenge how you think about art?   Students will be introduced to the spirit and substance of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Art through challenging courses, individual critique, stimulating workshops, portfolio development, and energetic interaction with dedicated faculty and talented peers. They will develop both your conceptual and technical skills preparing them for a wide range of opportunities in both art studies and careers.

Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Computational Biology

Empowering bright young minds to unlock the power of computation to solve research problems at the frontier of modern biology.

Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Music

Improve as a musician in a world-class conservatory while experiencing the life of a college student, studying and living in a university setting.

Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Writing & Culture

Are you ready to tell your story? Writing & Culture works to develop skilled, reflective, engaged storytellers who can share our stories well.

Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Design

Discover the investigation, innovation, and impact of Design. Design has never been in greater demand than it is now. Businesses, government, and local communities are turning to designers for innovation and problem-solving creating new roles for designers in every sector of the marketplace.

Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Drama

Learn techniques used by successful practitioners in the field. Prepare for the college audition process. Develop a clear picture of what the future could hold.

Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Summer Session

Pre-College Summer Session provides high school students with the unique opportunity to choose from approximately thirty summer courses from academic disciplines offered by Carnegie Mellon and earn college credit. Students will receive the same rigorous, college-level work as an undergraduate student studying at Carnegie Mellon.

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Campus Life

Pre-College is more than the classroom experience. It's a student experience.


Carnegie Mellon University is a vibrant and diverse campus with a lot to offer students. In addition to the formal Pre-College activities, our residential staff will also be responsible for engaging their floor/building community through a variety of programs and activities.  We also encourage Pre-College students to create their own programming with the aid of residential staff. These can include personal interest/hobby events (like a musical instrument jam or a book club), relaxation events (like yoga or meditation), or inter-cultural events (like Big Questions or society’s news discussions).


In addition to the many student organizations, CMU also has a variety of on-campus facilities, including a gym, a swimming pool, a theater, and a performing arts center. There are also a number of restaurants and shops on campus, so students can easily find everything they need without having to leave campus.


Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city with a lot to offer students. There are many cultural attractions in Pittsburgh, such as museums, theaters, and sports teams.


Overall, campus life at Carnegie Mellon University is both challenging and rewarding. Students are encouraged to be active and involved, and they have the opportunity to make lifelong friends and connections. 


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