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Pacific Discovery Summer and Gap Semester Programs Abroad

Pacific Discovery offers experiential gap year semester and summer programs abroad to some of the most amazing places on earth. Our programs are deliberate overland journeys, blending authentic immersion in diverse cultures, meaningful service-learning projects, rewarding adventures, wilderness exploration, and personal development.

Students challenge themselves in a supportive small group environment while developing empathy for other cultures, furthering their understanding of international issues, heightening their appreciation for the earth’s wild places, deepening their global perspectives, and discovering their own passion and purpose.

Kick off your summer to remember with a Pacific Discovery Summer Abroad Program!

Our range of summer programs provide a meaningful experience packaged in an exciting overland journey of travel, adrenaline and service learning. Summer programs are in a tiered system, defined by age and experience. After successful completion of a Mid Teen Summer program, students can further increase their problem-solving and leadership skills by participating in one of our Gap Summer, Mini or Semester Programs.

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Pacific Discovery Gap Year Programs are epic!

Our gap year programs combine rugged journeys to some of the most spectacular places on earth, with authentic cultural immersion, language study, rewarding service-learning volunteer projects, and inspiring adventures. You’ll be secure in a supportive group environment and learn more than you ever dreamed.

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Pacific Discovery

Costa Rica Gap Summer Program

Surf, hike, and raft on multi-day expeditions through the ecological hotspot of Costa Rica and protect its rich biodiversity with wildlife rehabilitation and sustainable practices! This program is jam-packed with multi-day adventures through a country rated one of the happiest on earth.

Pacific Discovery

Australia College Summer Program

Surf, snorkel, canyon, hike, canoe, and completely immerse in the wild beauty of Australia! Our journey here is two-fold: to immerse in the unbelievable natural beauty of the country in order to appreciate its intrinsic worth, and to explore local creative solutions to climate change.

Pacific Discovery

Thailand Gap Summer Program

Learn to rock climb, explore Buddhist temples and volunteer at an elephant sanctuary on this cultural Summer Program through Thailand! From immersing in Bangkok's bustling mega-city vibes to climbing on Railay's limestone ocean cliff walls, our trip in Thailand is incredibly diverse.

Pacific Discovery

Hawaii Gap Summer Program

Surf world-class waves, traverse volcanoes, and lend a hand in environmental conservation while traveling on the Big Island & Oahu. Our endless to-do list includes stargazing from the summit of Mauna Kea, walking on a moonscape of black lava in Volcanoes National Park, roaming a green sand beach, surfing point breaks, and spotting turtles.

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