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Introducing Oxbridge Summer Scholars

Oxford and Cambridge are the oldest universities in the English-speaking world. Founded in the 11th and 13th centuries, respectively, nearly two hundred Nobel laureates, dozens of prime ministers, and countless scholars, writers, scientists, and other innovators have passed through their ranks. Now, for the first time, Crimson Education is partnering with Oxbridge to bring you a world-class summer program for high schoolers ages 16 and older!


During your two-week residency, Oxbridge Summer Scholars will have the chance to live and study in Oxford or Cambridge, learn from Oxbridge graduates through lectures and seminars, and collaborate with other bright young minds from around the world through in-depth discussions, projects, and team-building activities. You'll also have ample time to explore the Oxford and Cambridge campuses, peruse libraries and museums, and take advantage of Oxbridge’s rich intellectual culture. 


The program offers three unique streams to accommodate students interested in a wide range of disciplines.


Stream A: Science, Technology, and Society (STS)

This distinctive program explores the intersections of the STEM fields and society. How does technology influence society? What can STEM professionals do to strike a balance between ethics and technological progress? If courses like “Social Constructions of Science and Technology,” “The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence,” and “Science Fiction and Society” sound interesting, this might be the stream for you! 


Stream B: Humanities, Social Impact, and Business Leadership (HSIBL)

Steam B is all about social entrepreneurship—the idea that the infrastructure of startups and entrepreneurs can be used to affect positive social change. HSIBL sits at the crossroads of business, social science, literature, and the humanities. Some of our courses include “Addressing Systemic Challenges: Equality in Business,” “British Literature in Historical and Cultural Context,” and “Theories in Perception and Cognition.” In this stream, all change-makers are welcome! 


Stream C: Art, Design, and Architecture (ADA)

This stream is for visual learners interested in developing portfolios of their work, giving and receiving constructive criticism through studio sessions, and working collaboratively with peers on innovative art and design projects. Some of our classes include “Building a Career in Art, Design, and Architecture,” “Artist Debate: What Makes Art Impactful?” and “Cross-Curricular Practice: The Interdisciplinary Nature of Art.” If you want to build a career in a visual field, then you’ve come to the right place! 


How Do I Apply?

All Oxbridge Summer Scholars must be at least 16 years old by the time the program starts. Your application must consist of: 


  • High school transcripts
  • A 250-400 word essay
  • Parent/guardian contact information
  • A 60-90 second video introduction (optional)
  • English fluency test scores (if you attend a high school that uses a non-English language for instruction)
  • Financial aid documents (optional)


You can apply online; note that applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.


Make sure you triple-check our application timeline: 


August Priority application: 11:59pm GMT, April 15th, 2023

August Regular application: 11:59pm GMT, May 31st, 2023

December Priority application: 11:59pm GMT, June 1st, 2023

December Regular application: 11:59pm GMT, July 31st, 2023


This program alternates between the Oxford and Cambridge campuses. Cambridge will host our August 2023 program, and Oxford will host our December 2023 program. 


Tuition includes room and board. All students are welcome to apply for financial aid.