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Our Top Computer Science Internship
So, you know you want to study Computer Science, and may even have your eye on a future career path: cyber security, coding, or starting your own social enterprise! But in order to get into your dream college program, you need some computer science experience! This is where an internship can come in and the Pre-college Computer Science Scholars Program (CSS) at Carnegie Mellon University may be the perfect one for you! 

The Program

Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Scholars Program is an equity-based, inclusive scholarship that offers technical training and direct contact with renowned Carnegie Mellon professors and staff. The program is merit-based and grant-funded and strives to provide equal opportunities for students who have been marginalized and therefore previously excluded
from STEM fields. This residential program runs for 4 weeks, normally in July of the same year that applications open (applications usually close around mid March). 
Carnegie Mellon’s Pre-College programs mirror the undergraduate experience, offering research projects, lectures, classroom instruction and in-person industry engagement with leading tech companies across the Us. This kind of program structure gives high school students the rare opportunity to network with potential employers and meet industry experts, as well as gain access to workshops that discuss the college admissions process, financial aid, and mental and emotional wellness within a university setting. Exposure to these topics and support from industry experts will set you miles ahead of your peers in terms of preparing for future college applications and beyond. 


CSS applications must be 16-years-old by the program commencement date (the next cycle will run in July, 2024), be a sophomore in high school at the time of application submission, and also be either a US citizen or permanent resident. Applicants will need to demonstrate a passion for computer science, but do not need any prior coding experience. If you are from any marginalized racial background, from a family of low socio-economic status, or raised in a home with English as a second language, you are strongly encouraged to apply for this program. See here for other eligibility requirements.
As well as the above requirements, your application will need to include unofficial transcripts and recommendation letters from both a STEM teacher and a school counselor or community-based organization advisor. In addition, you are required to submit an essay in response to the application prompt and to complete the online application itself. Standardized test scores are optional.

Skills Acquired During the Internship

On this course, you will be presented with real-world scenarios in which you will use your newly acquired computer-based skills (using Python) to apply and solve mathematical problems and learn about basic data structures. You will also partake in a group project, which you will present to your peers and the course instructors at the end of the program. This will enable you to develop both your teamwork and communication skills, both of which are important life skills for college and beyond. Industry leaders will keep you up to date with the latest global developments and job opportunities in the field of computer science. In order to enhance your academic record, you will also receive an evaluation which you can add as supplementary information to support your future university applications.

Next Steps

If you have any questions about your eligibility on the program or any of its content, you can contact Natalie Hatcher at Carnegie Mellon. The deadline for 2023 has now passed, so be sure to apply for next year! Applications will open in January 2024. 
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